Isla Canela

Isla Canela, which when translated back into English means Cinnamon Island, is a natural Island situated in most westerly point of the Huelva coast. Isla Canela, is part of the municipality of Ayamonte and is surrounded by the Guadiana River to the West, the Atlantic Ocean to the South, Marismas de Isla Cristina (Isla Cristina marshlands) to the East and Ayamonte to the North.To access Isla Canela you drive through Ayamonte following the signposts to the beach, once you pass the Athletics Track San Blas on the right and the Ayamonte Football Stadium on the left you will come to a bridge that will take you onto Isla Canela. I have broken Isla Canela down into four areas: Barriada Canela, Isla Canela Golf, Isla Canela Beach and Punta de Moral – Isla Canela Marina.


imageBarriada Canela (Canela neighbourhood) is the first neighbourhood you see as you drive onto Isla Canela Island. It is predominantly a fishing neighbourhood and has a number of good fish restaurants. La Rana (the frog) is always worth a visit. The fishing boats are moored along the side of the road with fishing nets and octopus pots stretched out along the entire promenade.
On July 16 every year (Virgin del Carmen), the sailors take the statue of Virgin de Carmen who is the patron saint for sailors, on their shoulders and parade her through the neighbourhood and into the water. There is a little Chapel in the centre of a roundabout which houses the statue throughout the year.

Isla Canela Golf

imageIsla Canela-golf 18 hole golf course. As you drive further onto Isla Canela the next place you come across is Isla Canela Golf course. Once you see the roundabout with the golf flag in the middle, take a left and it will bring you onto Isla Canela golf course.
On your right you will see the driving range and as you drive further along you will see Isla Canela Club house.
Isla Canela golf course was built in 1993 and designed by Juan Catarineu. It’s an 18 hole par 72 golf course which is surrounded by the National park and due to its flat ground offers a pleasurable round of golf. For more info on local golf courses please click here .Beside the clubhouse there are bowling greens and for 7€ you can play a game of bowls on either the grass bowling green or the artificial grass bowling green.

Isla Canela Beach

imageIsla Canela beach runs from the mouth of the Guadiana River all the way to Punta de Moral beach. It is 5.5 kilometres long and this fine golden sand beach is some 20 metres wide in some parts and surrounded by sand dunes. The locals regard Isla Canela Beach as Ayamonte’s beach so if you ask for directions to the beach this is where they will send you. There are numerous beach bars and restaurants in the area and “La Cabra” (the goat) is a popular beach restaurant where on a summer afternoon you can sit back and take in the beautiful views while listening to some live music.
Kite Surfing is becoming very popular in this area and on an afternoon with a slight breeze it’s not unusual to see a group of kite-surfers somersaulting into the air. There is a long promenade along the beach ideal for walking , roller balding or cycling and the bicycle lane is connect up all the way to Ayamonte town. There is one hotel on this part of Isla Canela, the Barcelo Isla Canela four star hotel, for more information click here

Punta de Moral & Isla Canela Marina

imagePunta Moral is a fishing village on Isla Canela Island and the majority of people living in this village make their living from the fishing industry whether it be fishing or in the numerous fish restaurants that are scattered around the village. “Arroz  Marinero” (sailors rice) is one of the famous dishes that can be found here, this rice dish with an abundance of seafood is something every visitor to Isla Canela should try at least once. The village itself has undergone many changes recently with a new dock completed in early in 2010 and plans for a promenade to link Punta de Moral directly to Isla Canela Marina.

Isla Canela was built by Pyconsa the company who developed the majority of the apartments, buildings and facilities on Isla Canela. There are 231 mooring places in the marina and it can cater for boats up to 24 meters in length.

There is a shopping centre beside the marina full of bars, restaurants, cafes and minimarkets.

To keep up to date with what is going on Isla Canela or to find out more information about the area see here